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  Spectrum Ethers Ltd.
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Spectrum Group

Our's is diversified group with expertise in various fields like Agrochemicals, Sugar, Chemicals, Alcohol, Ethanol, Liquor, Educational SChools, Institutions and Colleges of International Standarda. Our group turnover is of $70 Million.

  • Give better quality product at Right time at Right price
  • Expand presence in different Geographical segments
  • Expand product-base by leveraging client base
  • Increase our market share in all products
  • Be a leading manufacturer of Agrochemicals with range of products from Insecticides, Weedicides, Fungicides and also custom synthesis chemicals
  • Expand our presence across the globe
  • Environment Protection
  • Safety & Quality underlying Principle
  • Emphasis on relationship with customers and employees
  • Ethical work Practice